SME Diagnostics Tool

This tool provides a simple, quick and effective way to understand how well you currently perform against your business competitiveness knowledge and skills, and identifying unknown strengths and weaknesses.

ITC’s enterprise assessment methodology derives from the definition of enterprise competitiveness and uses the resources and capabilities framework to structure the assessment. The modular nature of the tool combined with the clear identification of competences, capabilities, and processes allows enterprises to have a holistic view when assessing business needs, make causal relationships, and understand how the different part of the business interact.  SME managers have access to a self-assessment that can be used without the intervention of an Advisor.  The self-assessment tool uses   

Strategic competence:

  • This competence is about identifying business opportunities, defining strategies and goals, fostering innovation, and equipping the business with the right organizational and governance structures.
  • Production competence:
    • This competence allows the business to manufacture a product or deliver a service to the client. Its shape will be determined by the positioning strategy defined by the Strategic Competence.
  • Marketing and Sales competence:
    • This competence allows the SME to reach and communicate with potential clients, close business deals that secure medium to long term profitability and distribute its products.
  • Resource management competence:

    • The objective of the resource management competence is to make an effective and efficient use of resources and to update and upgrade the business’ resource endowment.

The tool will identify your strengths and weaknesses in the four competences, and the 19 capabilities, will suggest actions to be taken to those capabilities that show a low or below average performance, and suggest which ITC’s free online courses can be taken to close the identified gaps.

1.It will help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations. Making sure that you are doing the right things in the right way is key to defeating the competition.

2.It will help you improve your company’s operational performance and bottom line by helping you analyse your current situation, identify areas of improvement, and set baselines and goals for improvement.

3.It will help you build a more resilient business by providing a consolidated view of all the areas in the business and its interdependencies for the achievement of long-term organizational goals. 

4.It will help you boost innovation by inviting you to review the way you run your business processes and the way you organize the business’ operations.

5.It will help you motivate employees and align internal efforts by identifying areas of improvement.

Step 1:  Click the “SME Diagnostics Tool” button below to access the tool.

Step 2: Register your company as an enterprise

Step 3: complete the company profile.  Note.  If profile is not completed, the company cannot have access to the self-assessment.

Step 4: Start Self-assessment.  Follow the platform guides.   For a more detailed guideline, please download the tutorial here:

Note: when choosing model, please select SMEDA Sierra Leone SCAN.  This model is customized to Sierra Leonian Companies.

Step 5: Download report